LART, in cooperation with its cultural and creative partners promotes the most innovative and alternative forms of creative tourism, by changing the status in the offer and demand of the creative tourism product.
By using the dynamic and interactive portal,, LART tries to verge and content the desires of those who like:

  • to consume cultural and artistic goods of a place,
  • to reclaim their free time in an experiential and creative way,
  • to have fun with all their senses,
  • to self-manage their entertainment from prepared option packages,
  • to interactive and communicate with local residents of their choice

by providing organised high quality packages of educational and artistic content.

Moreover, LART tries toenforce the local cultural and creative teams, by providing cooperation and motivating:

  • their extroversion,
  • the promotion of their creative products/services in a national and an international level,
  • the securing of new job positions,
  • the development of a powerful network which will affect the policy, strategy, promotion and growth of tourismand their industry.