LART in Greece

Are you planning your next trip to Greece? Are you students, teachers, professionals of even amateurs in the arts’ and creative industries’ field? If your tickets and luggage are set, then it is the right time for you to create unique artistic and creative experiences and share them with others…

Live… Learn … and Love Greece, through fascinating cultural and creative experiences, which will generously be offered by LART!

LART with the support of its Cultural and Creative partners offers you the most innovative and alternative forms of “Creative Tourism”. It provides the most fascinating creative educational activities, such us seminars and workshops, which concern arts, handicraft, history, philosophy and language, allowing you to live creatively, as true Artists, at the place of your stay.
LART, through the provided artistic educational programmes, will make sure that you get to know and be initiated to the Greek arts and culture, to meet different places and people, to experience their lifestyle, to artistically interact with them and to develop new artistic skills.

In LART, you will be given the opportunity to seek and have control of the way you wish to discover and to get to know the place of your stay in Greece and to make reservations in a rather easy way. We assure you that you are going to love the artistic and creative side of your travelling destination.

Manage your travel experiences, according to your own needs and interests. To begin with, choose in the first page of LART, a thrilling artistic and creative activity, secondly the artistic team which will materialise your option and finally the place. The journey through Art and Culture of Greece has just begun. Enjoy!
Have you discovered the artistic – creative activity you were looking for? Perfect! Now you can send us an email and we, together with our cultural and creative partners, will provide you with thorough details of the chosen educational program and will answer any questions you may have.
After selecting the artistic and creative activity you prefer, you can click on the Inquiry button and make a reservation. Within 48 hours you will receive a response. As soon as this happens, you have to fill in the reservation form with the amount you wish to pay. You will immediately receive a confirmation email message with the receipts, details and relevant information in relation to our cultural and creative partner.
Contact our cultural and creative partner just a few days before your trip, in order to confirm the meeting spot and the commencement of your artistic and creative activity.
Now you can start thinking and dreaming of the way to enjoy your trip!
LART will keep your money as warranty of your purchase up to 48 hours after the service rendering.
Help us to improve! After having experienced your artistic and creative activity, do not forget to send us a review of your experience. Travellers’ opinion is very important for LART. Each and every evaluation will permit us to get better and improve our rendered services.
The day after your artistic and creative activity, you will get a notification, which will remind you to evaluate and review the artistic – creative activity you experienced as well as the artistic – creative team or the artist – creative businessman who materialized it.