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LART is a free web portal who supports, promotes and sells the artistic – creative activities and experiences you offer. Through LART, you are given the opportunity to get in touch with millions of travellers all over the world, who seek to experience unique cultural and creative experiences and aesthetic emotions, during their stay in a place. Give value to your imagination! Discover the easiest and most effective ways to gain new customers.

Let people get to know you

Thanks to LART, you will be given the opportunity to make your cultural and creative activities accessible and visible by a wide touristic audience. You will be the protagonist of LART! We, in LART will assist you to promote your creative experiences in every detail, to an international touristic market. The network for the promotion of our services as well as the Marketing mechanisms we follow, contribute to the increase of our website’s accessibility and of the booking applications, inviting in this way more sophisticated clients.

Manage the Artistic and Creative Activity

LART offers an automatic and safe booking and payment handling system. Through LART, you get new customers, you save time and you focus exclusively on the cultural and creative activities and unforgettable experiences you can offer to those who travel to Greece and are ready to discover it. Within just 5 days from the moment the service rendering is commenced LART will deposit to your account the amount payable by the customers when booking is made.

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Give a full description of yourself/team, post your photos, plan your own cultural and creative activities, handle your availability and your prices, free of charge, by using the tools and potentials offered by LART, and post them in our website. Add value to the experience!

Get your booking requests

LART, through its website, is in a position to immediate handling of booking requests. You will be the one to decide if you will accept or reject the booking requests, through email messages. And all these can happen with just a click!

Quality and transparency

LART appreciates the offered cultural and creative activities and asks you to follow transparent price and services policies. The evaluation for the customers’ satisfaction plays an important role to the placement, performance and development of the cultural and creative activities as well as of LART itself.
As soon as you register, LART will ask you to mention your skills and the services you can offer together with the relevant certifications.

Service Costs

The portal, the tools and the promotion of your cultural and creative services are completely free of charge. When a booking is made, LART will retain 15% of the paid amount as service commission.
If we do not contribute to the increase of your sales, then we will be considered to have failed.
This is our motive and promise to you.

Be part of LART