Project Description

Thessaloniki Music

  • Cost: 140 € per person
  • Duration: 4 lessons/1 1/2 hours
  • Capacity: 1-5 persons
  • Location: Saint Dimitrios, 77, Thessaloniki, τ.κ. 54 633

Live in Thessaloniki  the second larger urban center of North Greece. The city’s domination started in 315 B.C., when Kassandros, king of Macedonia, founded the city in honor of his wife, who also happened to be the stepsister of Alexander the Great. The White Tower, the historical symbol of the city dominates by the seaside. The city’s modern features correlate harmoniously with the historical ones. It is all about a particularly artistic and culturally lively city, which invites you to explore it.

Love the art of Ancient Greek Music  and be initiated in the particularly sophisticated and sweet sounds of the Ancient Greek lyra. The art of God Apollon and of the Muses played a very important role in ancient people’s education and mental cultivation. It contributed to the harmonious edification of their soul and morals. It characterized a person as a human being, who thinks, feels and acts at the same time.

Be part of LART  if you wish to acquire knowledge, develop musical skills and get positive energy through your contact with the art of ancient Greek musical tradition, sign up for the specialized seminar for learning ancient Greek lyra. The seminar is planned and organized by “SEIKILO” team, situated in the center of Thessaloniki. Lessons will be done in an empirical way, individually or in groups. After the completion of 4 lessons, the trainees will be able to optionally participate in a final group concert of a short duration, at the premises of “SEIKILO”.

Learn about

  • The way Ancient Greeks approached music;
  • The basic theory of Ancient Greek music, pursuant to Aristoxenos’ teaching (Aristotle’s student);
  • How to play with the lyra some simple ancient Greek melodies, such as Seikilos’ Epitaph, the oldest surviving song, dated in the 2nd century B.C.
  • To play ancient Greek melodies as part of a musical group
Be part of this ART