Project Description

Santorini Photography

  • Cost: 135 € per person
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Capacity: 25 persons / 1 photography teacher
  • Location: Santorini

Live in Santorini  island which is situated in the South Aegean Sea and it is famous for its volcano. Santorini’s traditional architecture, following the general architectural lines and rules of building construction in the Aegean Sea, characterizes this island, as well as its breathtaking and astonishing view. For these reasons, many tourists visit the island every year.

Love the Art of Photography  one of the most famous hobbies in our days and who could think of a better and more beautiful place than Santorini to practice. You will be thrilled by the lavish light, the dazzling scenery of Santorini and be urged to take as many photos as possible and share them with your friends, showing them how lucky you are to have visited the most beautiful island in Cyclades.

Be part of LART   and sign up for the creative activities of photography which will take place during your stay in the island. These activities can be attended by school groups and students as well as travelers of 17 years old and up. The creative activities in question will be taken by the photo expert, Maria Naoum, and her team.

Learn about   how to use the camera depending on lighting, how to focus correctly in a photo. Every person who will attend the photography creative activities, will be given the opportunity to participate in the photo contest which will be held at the end of the journey, the prize of which contest will be a free of charge trip to the next Cycladic island of Naxos.

Be part of this ART