Project Description

Pelion Ancient Drama

  • Cost: 1300 € per person
  • Duration: 10 days during July
  • Capacity: 200 persons
  • Location: Aloni Theatre, Saint George Nilias, Pelion
  • Contact Lart

Live in Pelion  the imposingly rising mountain, above the city of Volos, combining in a unique way the mountainous and seaside scenery. According to the myth, Pelion was dwelled by legendary Centaurus – mythical creatures, half humans and half horses. In Pelion, there is an extensive network of cobbled roads and paths, which are ideal for endless tours and conversations.

Love the Art of Ancient Drama  the history of which goes back to Ancient Greece and the dithyramb (dancing and singing in honor of God Dionysus). Ιt was a statute of Ancient Greek city-state and it concerned the teaching and accomplishment of theatrical performances in order to achieve the physical, mental and spiritual purification (“catharsis”).

Be part of LART  if you are an actor or a student of the Art of Acting and you wish to be initiated in the world of the Ancient Drama, we could recommend the company named “ALONI, FRIENDS OF THEATRE”, which company, in collaboration with the distinguished actress, director and acting teacher, Lydia Koniordou, organizes a seminar of Ancient Drama with reference to “Iphigenia in Aulis” of Euripides. The seminar lasts for 10 days, in July. Sign up for it. Τhe schedule will be announced shortly. Applications start February 1th 2017. Communication language: English and Greek.

Learn about  general information about ancient drama, the tragedy “Iphigenia in Aulis”, the life and work of Euripides, analysis and interpretations of excerpts of the aforementioned tragedy. The seminar will be completed and culminated by the actual performance of this tragedy by acclaimed professional actors.

Look for a place to stay, to eat and how to get around? LART will take care of all your worries; the expenses for all the above are included in the seminar’s price.

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