Project Description

Corfu Music

  • Cost: 225 €/per person

  • Duration:  5 days/2hours
  • Capacity: 50 persons
  • Location: Philharmonic 23, Corfu

Live in Corfu   (Kerkyra for Greeks) which, according to Homer, is the famous island of Phaeacians. It is one of the most admirable islands in Greece, particularly in the Ionian Sea. Corfu stands out for its natural beauty, the idyllic landscapes, the charming bays, the unique colors of its beaches, the pine forests. Museums, churches, castles, archeological sites, the incredible urban architecture, the picturesque villages of the hinterland and the excellent touristic infrastructure have given a cosmopolitan character in Corfu Island. Corfu has been described by visitors as “something unique”. Visitors call it Corfu (and not Kerkyra) due to paraphrase of its Byzantine name Coryfo (=peak in Greek) because of the two peaks’ appearance as the visitor approaches the island.

Love the art of Music  which is distinguished by its unique sound color and style. The music of Corfu combines the polyphony of Italian music standards with the monophony of Greek folk music and Greek folk rhythms. People of Corfu are familiar with Polyphony of Western Art Music. Their urban songs, such as cantadas and arechies have been influenced from this kind of music. This is because Corfu had been occupied for a long time by Venetians (1386-1797), Russian, French and English, so since 1773 people of Corfu had been met with the Italian Opera and other forms of Western Art Music. Corfu composers, like Nikolaos Mantzaros (composer of the National Anthem), Spiridon Xyndas, Spyridon Samaras, etc., provided the first eponymous examples of art music in Modern Greek history. Corfu’s musical tradition and culture have been grown and developed thanks to Philharmonic Societies, which operated as conservatories for the children’s musical education. Great musicians appeared in these Philharmonic Societies, who were to play an important role for the training of the first professional musicians of modern Greece.

Be part of LART  if you study music or you are a professional musician and play some of the wind, the percussion or the strings musical instruments, mainly mandolin or guitar, you can sign up for the educational musical activities which are organized by the Philharmonic Mantzaros’ Society and implemented by its specialized musicians in collaboration with their talented students. You are invited to sign up for any of the existing musical ensembles (philharmonic band, bandina or mandolin band) of the Society and participate in concerts which will be held in the streets of Corfu city.

Learn about  the Ionian music tradition, play some of the most famous melodies which belong to some great composers of the Ionian School of Music, or folklore music, including cantadas and arechies, and interact creatively with the other members of the Philharmonic Mantzaros’ Society. Come and spend your leisure time creatively, meet new people, live and enjoy this unforgettable experience!

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