Project Description

Kalabaka Traditional Dances

  • Cost: 25 € per person

  • Duration: 2 dances / 1 hour
  • Capacity: 25-200 persons (1 dance instructor for 25 persons)
  • Location: Kalabaka square or the Cultural Club “AVRA”

Live in Kalabaka  a small town in the centre of Greece. It is a particularly touristic destination, known for a geological phenomenon of incomparable beauty and an important monument of Christianity, the “Meteora”. Meteora is a complex of huge sandstone rocks, on the summits of which the second biggest monastery complex in Greece has been built, the biggest one being the one in Mount Athos. In Meteora one will experience the unique mystical atmosphere – especially during Easter – the biggest Christian Orthodox celebration – to wander around the monasteries, to walk along the paths and to live unique artistic-creative experiences. Meteora is nature’s masterpiece, revealing its grandeur through centuries.

Love the Art of Traditional Dance  the most vivid expression of the Greek folk culture. Traditional dances, reflection of the soul of Greek people show a remarkable variety. Every area has its own style of dancing tradition, which (tradition) is interwoven with inhabitants’ life style, their everyday activities, their customs, happenings and experiences, climate and geographical particularities. Traditional dances are inextricably linked with singing and music. It is the art, through which Greeks socialize and are initiated to values and social behaviors.

Be part of LART   and you are welcome to discover the steps, rhythm and your expressional extemporaneous and creative skills, by participating to creative activities of Greek traditional dances and learn how to use your body as a receiver of new experiences and stimuli. The aforementioned activities happen at Kalabaka’s square and are organized by “AVRA” cultural club. Lessons are for groups only.

Learn about  

  • Steps and rhythm of local traditional dances;
  • The aesthetics of dances;
  • The customs framing the dances;
  • The appropriate dance costumes;

Look for   the cultural activities happening during your stay in Kalabaka area, so as to participate in local festivities or happenings and to show your dancing skills publicly.

Be part of this ART