Project Description

Kalabaka Photography

  • Cost: 45 € per person
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Capacity: up to 80 persons
  • Location: Meteora

Live in Kalabaka  a small town in the centre of Greece. It is a particularly touristic destination, known for a geological phenomenon of incomparable beauty and an important monument of Christianity, the “Meteora”. Meteora is a complex of huge sandstone rocks, on the summits of which the second biggest monastery complex in Greece has been built, the biggest one being the one in Mount Athos. In Meteora one will experience the unique mystical atmosphere – especially during Easter – the biggest Christian Orthodox celebration – to wander around the monasteries, to walk along the paths and to live unique artistic-creative experiences. Meteora is nature’s masterpiece, revealing its grandeur through centuries.

Love the Art of Photography  the most pleasant activity, which gives you the opportunity to observe and to explore the saint and inaccessible scenery of Meteora, which was from the 11th century B.C. an expedient place for Christian eremites. Photography is imagination, knowledge and through it one can narrate a story, their one story, as they uniquely experienced it.

Be part of LART   if you are a photography lover or student, feel free to sign up for the photography creative activities, which are organized by an experts’ team supported by the professional photographer, Maria Naoum. Through your photographic view, you will be asked to let your imagination run wild, to imprint your experiences, to narrate the most impressive story and to share emotions and impressions with us. Subsequently, you will be asked to post your photo gallery in our website and to sign up for our competition. The best picture will be evaluated by LART’s followers, and if you have the best picture, you will be rewarded with a digital camera.

Learn about  

  • Observing each and every detail;
  • The history of Kalabaka and narrating it through your photographic view and` perspective;
  • The aesthetics of photography;
  • Organizing your photo gallery, processing and managing it, in order to be used in websites;
  • Organizing and creating audiovisual projections – slideshows

Look for   mental and spiritual euphoria. Wander around the monasteries of Meteora, have conversations with spiritual persons and we are certain that you will be fascinated by their simplicity

Be part of this ART