Project Description

Kalabaka Greek Orthodox Icons

  • Cost: 280 € per person
  • Duration: 5 days / 2 hours after noon
  • Capacity:  50 persons

  • Location: Kalabaka – Meteora ringroad, 42200 Kalabaka

Live in Kalabaka  a small town in the centre of Greece. It is a particularly touristic destination, known for a geological phenomenon of incomparable beauty and an important monument of Christianity, the “Meteora”. Meteora is a complex of huge sandstone rocks, on the summits of which the second biggest monastery complex in Greece has been built, the biggest one being the one in Mount Athos. In Meteora one will experience the unique mystical atmosphere – especially during Easter – the biggest Christian Orthodox celebration – to wander around the monasteries, to walk along the paths and to live unique artistic-creative experiences. Meteora is nature’s masterpiece, revealing its grandeur through centuries.

Love the art of Greek Orthodox Icons, a great art. It was developed during Byzantine years, it has been maintained until our days and it coincides with Greek Christian Orthodox tradition, playing the most important role. It is about the art of portraiture of holy persons, as well as of depiction of religious and, in some cases, secular scenes. Themes are drawn from the lives of Christian Orthodox saints. The most important thing is not the mere realistic depiction of the person but the spiritual semiotics.

Be part of LART   and discover the secrets the art of Greek Orthodox Icons, which aims, through its simplicity, at driving any human being to self knowledge, completion and bringing it closer to the Divine. Sign up for the creative activities of hagiography, by gazing from the city of Kalabaka the stone forest of Meteora. «Oikos Zindros» undertakes the obligation to carry out the aforementioned seminars. Experienced craftsmen will convey their knowledge to you and they will help you develop your skills in the art and technique of the art of Greek Orthodox Icons. The seminars are addressed to students, teachers and generally people who love the art of Greek Orthodox Icons. If you wish to deliver your work to any monastery in Meteora, so as to be admired by as many believers as possible, or alternatively you will take it with you in your luggage together with all the beautiful creative activities and thrills you experienced with us.

Learn about  

  • The art of Greek Orthodox Icons (themes, significance, historical data etc.);
  • The technique of tempera which is mainly a Greek style;
  • The technique of lack of shadows;
  • Display sizes;
  • The creation of your own

Look for   a leisure break? You can enjoy your coffee or your meal at Kalabaka’s square.

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