Project Description

Ioannina – Silversmith

  • Cost: 250 €/per person

  • Duration:  3 days /2hours

  • Capacity: 60 persons

  • Location: Archbishop Makariou 11,52.21 Ioannina

Live in Ioannina  the capital and largest city of Epirus. It lies on the western shore of the Lake Pamvotis or the lake of «Kyra Froshini». Visitors are fascinated by the combination of historical monuments and museums with the incredible natural beauty of the landscape and the warm atmosphere which the town provides. The castle with Fethiye Mosque, the island in the centre of the lake with the last residence of Ali Pasha, the cave which was used as a shelter for residents during the B΄World War, the old town with the unique mansions, the traditional shops and folklore art workshops, like silversmith and wood carving, are evidence of the long history which will surely captivate you.

Love the art of Silversmith  the art of silver processing and the technique of producing jewelry and decorative items, such as serving trays, crockery, frames, office supplies, shields and swords, etc. The silversmith art developed in Ioannina in Byzantine Empire era and flourished in 18th and 19th century, when Ioannina had become one of the greatest intellectual, commercial and artistic centers of the Balkans. The craftsmen, who were particularly popular in Belgrade, Bucharest, Venice and even in Russia, were mainly inspired by Ancient Greek works and Byzantine art, and they were expressing the values of Epirus sensitivity and elegance. Today, about 90 silversmith workshops are operated in Ionannina, which continue the silversmith tradition, creating handmade aesthetic crafts and artistic perfection comparable to those of the past.

Be part of LART  and come to learn the secrets of the silversmith, to create your own masterpieces by participating in silver jewelry and other objects creative activities, which are organized by the Centre of Traditional Crafts Ioannina (KE.PA.V.I.). You will have the opportunity to meet the most talented silver craftsmen of the city and discover on your own the way a simple metal can be transformed into a really artwork. These creative activities are offered individually or in groups in suitably formed areas and are aimed at children and adults in respectively relevant programs. Come to learn “first hand” silverwork techniques!

Learn about  the history of silversmith art which made Ioannina known worldwide, the special techniques which are needed, such as “wrought”, “carved”, or “feligkran” etc. and create your own masterpiece! Live as a Silversmith Artist!

Be part of this ART