Project Description

Athens Fashion Design

  • Cost: 160€/1 per person
  • Duration: 4 courses/8 hours
  • Capacity: 75 persons
  • Location: AKTO UNIVERSITY: 11, Evelpidon Str., Athens 113 62

Live in Athens   the capital of Greece, a modern, safe and lively European city. Its history goes back to 3,200 B.C. Athens had been the Centre of Knowledge, Philosophy and Arts (music, dance, sculpture, ancient drama, architecture, poetry) and the birthplace of Democracy. It is the city where Socrates, Plato, Phidias, Terpander, Pericles and Goddess Athena have lived. The Parthenon, one of the most famous architectural wonders of the world sticks out in the center of the city on the Acropolis rock.

Love the Art of Fashion Design   in relation to the Traditional Local Costumes of Greece. The art of sewing of the local Greek costumes goes back to Ancient Greece, but evolves and takes its contemporary form during the Byzantine age. The female costumes, mostly, typify (depending on the “ornaments” which adorned each and every costume) the marital status and the age of each woman. These costumes were notably conservative and covered the whole body. There was also a large local variety. In every costume one could see fancy color schemes and the usage of many fabrics. The costume’s manufacture was based on tradition and conservatism and is radically different from fashion, which is particularly based on the mood for change.

Be part of LART  if you are a fashion lover, a fashion design student or a fashion expert and you want to get to know the natural beauty and aesthetics of Greek traditional costumes and after that to create your own, by combining the modern fashion trend with the Greek traditional one, sign up for the creative workshops of designing and creating fashion, which (workshops) are organized by the Educational Organisation named “AKTO”, in the center of Athens and supported by experienced teachers and advanced students of AKTO.

Learn about  the style, materials, quality and aesthetics of Greek traditional costumes and create your own!

Be part of this ART