Project Description

Epidaurus Ancient Drama

  • Cost: 100€ per person
  • Duration: 3 days / 1 ½ hours
  • Capacity: 150 people
  • Location: Theatrical Studies Division of the University of Peloponnese
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Live in Epidaurus  the visit to the city of Epidaurus and to its Ancient Theater offers the unique opportunity to its visitors to be initiated to the art of ancient drama and to become themselves part of the rite, during the annual Drama Festival. Epidaurus is the historical city of Argolida Perfecture, at the east side of Peloponnese. It is situated 12 km. from the city of Old Epidaurus and 36 km. from the picturesque city of Nauplius. The most notable attraction of the area is by no means the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, which hosts the performances of famous writers/script writers.

Love the Art of Ancient Drama  and feel the unique atmosphere created in the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus. The art of drama goes back to 5th century B.C., derived from the religious activities and was connected from the beginning to the “Megala Dionyssia” (festivities in honor of Dionysus), which had a dominant position in the Athenian almanac. It is about a complex theatrical-poetic creation, which became the higher spiritual expression of the Classical Era. When presented in front of the audience, poetry was followed by music and orchestra, for the simple reason that drama was not intended for mere reading or recitation, but was meant to be the performance of an epoch-making circumstance, which was evolved as reality, in front of the audience. In general, the viewers, as they intensely experience the human myth through the tragic grandeur of the play, redeem themselves and they become free and better persons.

Be part of LART  if you wish to feel the magic of Ancient Greek drama, to redeem yourself and to reach communion, by really experiencing the human myth and its magic, sign up for the educational programs of learning Ancient Greek Drama, which are organized by The University of Peloponnese and its Theatrical Studies’ Division, at the premises of the Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus. The goal of these activities is the promotion of the ancient Greek spirit through the combination of theory and act. Lessons will be given at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus.

Learn about   the history of ancient drama through experiential activities and education.

Look for  traditional coffee shops and taverns, where you can enjoy the exquisite Greek cuisine and the high quality Greek wine. You can wander about the city of Epidaurus and buy souvenirs and cards which bear the seal of Greek civilization.

Look for  the nearby villages at the archeological site of Epidaurus, which can be visited in an all-day trip. We would recommend Ligourio, which is the closest village to the ancient theatre of Epidaurus and to the Asklipiio in Epidaurus. Ligourio is about 1 km away from the archeological area of Epidaurus and in Ligourio you could also visit one of the biggest Museums of Natural History in Greece, named “Koutsiomitis’ Museum”.

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