Project Description

Athens Video Art

  • Cost: 280€/1 per person
  • Duration: 7 days/2 hours
  • Capacity: 75 persons
  • Location: School of Fine Arts, National Metsovion Polytechnion

Live in Athens   the capital of Greece, a modern, hospitable, safe and lively European city. Its history goes back to 3,200 B.C. Athens had been the Centre of Knowledge, Philosophy and Arts (music, dance, sculpture, ancient drama, architecture, poetry) and the birthplace of Democracy. It is the city where Socrates, Plato, Phidias, Terpander, Pericles and Goddess Athina have lived. The Parthenon, one of the most famous architectural wonders of the world sticks out in the center of the city on the Acropolis rock.

Love the art of Video  a modern art form, which gains more and more funs all over the world. As our life, has been flooded by dynamic modern technologies as well as the extensive use of smart phones with high tech cameras incorporated, all these have caused a video frenzy to young and older people, experts or not. This new art form is extremely charming and it is quite hard to resist and not take it up.

Be part of LARΤ  if you are a lover of the art of video and you have basic knowledge in computers, if you are a high school student, university student or in general connoisseur of this art form and you wish to share your personal moments, during your stay in enchanting Athens, do not hesitate! Sign up for the video workshops with major subject “Love the way you…” post your creation in LART’s social media and you will be glorified by thousands of likes. The workshops are organized by the senior students of the School of Fine Arts of National Metsovion Polytechnion in properly equipped classrooms with PCs and embodied equipment for video casting. The program which will be used is Adobe Premiere Pro. The seminar’s duration is 7 days, 2 hours daily.

Learn about  creative ways of montage and editing short videos, presentation and projection and education for the usage of videos in You Tube, Vimeo.

Be part of this ART